Awesome Extension

by Black Rabbit Premium Leather

I got this installed prior to getting embedded erp extension installed and it worked great if you are printing several of each code. So it takes a while to get it to print only one label. However, once I had embedded erp installed, it automatically prints the correct amount of barcodes for an entire shipment. It's brilliant. I wouldn't part with it for all the tea in China. Great support. I highly recommend Embedded ERP too, for bigger stores. Cheers Poney, Owner, Black Rabbit.

Posté le 20/06/2017 à propos de
Barcode label

It's okay

by Anthony Cicchelli

It prints labels. Grid printing doesn't work, but overall it's okay.

Posté le 29/06/2015 à propos de
Barcode label

Works are described

by Martijn Dijksterhuis

The code was simple to install, and we managed with only small code changes to to integrate it into our (slightly out of date) Embedded ERP installation.

Posté le 05/01/2015 à propos de
Barcode label

Works as promised!

by Marloes van der Scheer

We merged our online webshop and physical store into one magento backend. In order to make sure that when a product is sold in the store, it also disappears from the website, we needed a way to generate barcode labels which we can scan. This extension does exactly that, so we are pretty content with it.

Posté le 29/08/2014 à propos de
Barcode label

Transformed our warehouse overnight

by Andrew Mowery

This product allowed us to be able to create warehouse barcodes quickly and easily. Room for improvement: The ability to create multiple label sizes and save those formats would be very useful.

Posté le 10/03/2014 à propos de
Barcode label

I recomand this extensio

by Ojan Tudor

very nice extension. easy to install and use and for now I didn't had any problem. Is an easy way to manage stock products so I recomand this solution.

Posté le 08/11/2013 à propos de
Barcode label

Does what promised

by Janne Björninen

We are happy with this product and it does all it promised. We had problem with pagination of multipage printing, but after few hours of contacting the support we receivet patch for fixing the problem. So what can you say. Excellent work.

Posté le 09/04/2013 à propos de
Barcode label

Very well thought out and implemented

by David Neave

Although it did take a lot of coaxing to get it to print on small labels we love this app and could not run our business without it now

Posté le 14/01/2013 à propos de
Barcode label

Simple et efficace

by la boutique du soleil

cette extension m'a fait gagner plusieurs jours de travail à affecter un code barre à chaque produit. La génération automatique est très pratique et l'impression des étiquette rapide. Seul bémol, j'aurai aimé afficher la photo du produit en plus, mais cela viendra peut être sur les prochaines versions

Posté le 26/05/2012 à propos de
Barcode label

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