Excellent Tool

by Andrew Mowery

Was able to integrate into our operations with ease. Was able to reduce time for processing RMAs by at least 50%.

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Retour Produit (RMA)

Excellent RMA product

by Byron Batres

We had been using a different RMA product and we were reasonably satisfied with it. After a while we found some holes in the processing and made us look for a new product. Boost my shop has everything we were looking for. The biggest benefit is the ability to swap products in exchanges right from the RMA. The only thing missing is refunds directly from the module. Very happy with product would highly recommend. Things to make 5 star: Guest Returns (i was told eminent) and refund from module. Great support.

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Retour Produit (RMA)


by Azer Mahmood

These guys know their stuff. Their extensions are not your normal run of the mill - but complicated bits of software - it is the main reason why we use magneto. They offer excellent & friendly support - keep up the good work!

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Retour Produit (RMA)

Fonctionne parfaitement et sans modifications !

by Floraquatic

Nous venons de la mettre en place, elle fonctionne très bien, on peut tout paramétrer, et il y a toutes les fonctionnalités qui sont requises pour un RMA, possibilité d'activer ou non les retours via le front office, c'est bien pensé ! Merci BMS !

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Retour Produit (RMA)

Ok Product

by Rannesh Jansari

The extension is good and works well except the refund does not actually do what is advertised by the developers. on the refund option it allows you to choose which card to refund to but it actually does not work and is something the developers are looking to add later.

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Retour Produit (RMA)

les client gere eux meme leur retour maintenant on s'y retrouve

by Nils GIRARD

nickel pour la gestion des retours clients

Posté le 21/02/2013 à propos de
Retour Produit (RMA)

Indispensable aussi !

by Thierry Guion

Indispensable à qui veut offrir un support de qualité et qui s'accomode avec le module de Gestion des Achats - Stock - Logistique. Ne pas passer à côté de la formation boostmyshop pour bien maitriser les outils.

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Retour Produit (RMA)

Good Ext

by Amer Laldin

It does what it says on the box and the support was excellent

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Retour Produit (RMA)

Works but poorly presented

by Nicolas Gore

The module works, but the presentation is very lacking. There is an unnecesary installation of transactional emails into the database that might conflict with existing templates. Also the actual templates are not present in the locale folder. Finally, the configuration must be manually changed and there are no defaults provided in the config.xml file Another poor aspect is that the translation files that are lacking of many used strings.

Posté le 25/07/2012 à propos de
Retour Produit (RMA)


by Shaun Longhurst

Has made product returns a breeze especially when coupled with the ERP Extension

Posté le 15/02/2012 à propos de
Retour Produit (RMA)

Indispensable au quotidien

by Christophe Didier

Indispensable au quotidien

Posté le 29/12/2011 à propos de
Retour Produit (RMA)

Excellent !

by David

Extension indispensable et simple à utiliser. Bravo et merci !

Posté le 23/02/2010 à propos de
Retour Produit (RMA)

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