Embedded ERP


We are proud to anounce the release of Embedded ERP 2.9.3, our award winning ERP solution for Magento.

Embedded ERP is full integrated in Magento solution to handle stock management (multiple warehouses, stock movements, bin locations), purchasing (suppliers, purchase orders, replenishment) and order preparation (picking, packing, shipping).

Here is a summary of the major changes and improvements

If you already own a valid ERP License, you can download Embedded ERP 2.9.3 from your customer account.

Performance improvements

From Magento 1.4, index issues are common for website with hight traffic and large catalog. Varien made major improvements releasing Magento 1.8, and so we did ! ERP 2.9.3 includes important index optimization and also code simplification to ensure a fast and reliable behaviour.

Prevent not paid orders to reserve the stock

You claim this feature to our support, we release it : previously, when a customer placed a not order skipping the payment, ERP reserved stock for this pending order until you cancel it. Now, you can configure this behaviour to avoid product reservation for orders that doesnt fullfill specific conditions (payment, customer group, statuses ...)


We have added more than 100+ privileges in ERP (available in permission role definition): then, you can fine tune user profiles to give them access only to the features they need.

Healthy ERP

To bring a fast response (and solution) to common issues, Healthy ERP monitors several ERP components to identify potential issues and provide a fix for them. Stock discrepencies, wrong settings and installation issues are one of the probes that monitor your ERP installation.

Other improvements

- Adjustement stock movement identification
- Packing screen improvement
- Serial numbers management
- Several bug fixes
- Several user interface changes and improvements