Nouvelle version de l'extension Etiquette pour Colissimo !

La nouvelle version 1.1.3 de notre extension Etiquettes pour Colissimo est disponible sur !

Avec cette nouvelle version, vous pourrez profiter de nouvelles fonctionnalités :

  • La possibilité d'impression de plusieurs étiquettes à la fois
  • La protection contre la création de plusieurs numéros de suivi lors de la création d'une étiquette
  • L'envoi du numéro de commande à l'API Colissimo

Si vous avez déja cette extension, rendez-vous sur votre compte client pour la télécharger gratuitement !

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CDiscount for Magento : New version !

We are happy to announce that Cdiscount for Magento version 2.1.8 is available for download now.

This new version includes several bug fixes and the support of multiple tax rate per products.
Full change log is available in your customer account.

 Manage your e-mails easily on Magento !

Works with any email account

Flexible to fit your organization

Integrated spam shield

Centralize all customer information for an efficient Customer Service


Some releases :

New backoffice ticket answer interface
New Tag system to identify tickets easily
Auto refreshing Ticket grid


Add front Captcha system
Improve anti spam Rules

Add many Email routing rules
Auto detection of Order Numbers, Quote and RMA in ticket message
Native integration with Boostmyshop RMA and Quotation

Improve grid, email download and ticket edition performances
Safer and smarter management of big emails
Reduce database usage for the tickets and emails


Multistore improvement (category and template translation by store)
Add NL translation


Fix more that 100 bugs and improvements

A version is available for our Amazon for Magento extension.

Among several improvement, the most important changes are probably the ability to support multiple tax rates per products and the compatibility with Amazon Mexico.

Additionnal changes :
Improve screen display
Add multiple ASINs selection tab
Prevent Magento compiler bug : move xml and xsd files in lib
Improve matching EAN
Add textarea for Bullet Points
Add Home/FurnitureAndDecor variations

Control backorder with Magento

The backorder system allows you to continue to sell products on your website that are out of stock in your warehouse.

Depending on the structure of your business and your supplier relationship, you may opt to display products on backorder as ‘In stock,’ or with a customized availability message such as, ‘Available in under ‘X’ days.’

With Magento and Embedded ERP efficiently facilitate backorders, handling every step of the supply chain once an out-of-stock order is placed.

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Magento user guide


Since March 2015, the user guides for both Magento Enterprise Edition and Magento Community Edition are available online, in an accessible and easy-to-use format.

You’ll find the same great information in the online (HTML) and offline (PDF) user guides, so you can use the format that you prefer.

Boostmyshop Tip : On the Contents tab, the first page of each section has links to the full guide and the corresponding mini guide. Simply click the download link to open the PDF in your browser. You can also right-click the download link to save the file to your computer.


Guide for Magento Community

Guide for Magento Enterprise


We’re excited to announce that three Magento extensions are now free on :

- Magento Extension Conflict : the original tool to detect conflicts between Magento extensions and fix them
- Customer Universal Password : an easy way to log in as any customer using a master universal password
- Email extractor : extract magento customer list from setting conditions on country, sales total, customer group...

Get these extensions for FREE from the "Free extensions" webpage.

Add them to cart, proceed to checkout and download them !

Happy installation !

Magento Conflict   Universal Password for Magento      Email Extracot for Magento

Smart Price adjusts your prices based on market trends and your personal sales objectives.

Smart Price is a fully integrated extension directly from Magento admin panel !
SmartPrice automatically scans prices on CDiscount  and all Amazon (.com,, .fr, .de, .es, .it) sites.

You can etablish your sales according to your objectives and intgrate every element of your sales prices.


We have launched our new website a few weeks ago.
Remember our dear old website and discover the new one !


The home page :


The product catalog :


A product :



Magento Enterprise Edition 1.14.2


Yesterday, Magento announced the new release of Magento Enterprise Edition 1.14.2 during the Imagine meeting in Las Vegas.

Enterprise Edition 1.14.2 software includes several new features and functionality :

- More Visual Merchandiser Category Sorting Rules : Five new automated product category sorting rules give Enterprise Edition merchants even more power to drive customer engagement and incremental sales from category pages. Selecting a sorting rule enables merchants to completely re-arrange a category page to feature best sellers, highest-margin products, lowest-stock items, or the newest products at the top of the category

- Google Tag Manager : Using Google Tag Manager can enable faster time to market for new marketing campaigns because marketers can add tags on their own, without waiting for IT. It can also enable more accurate data collection, which supports stronger campaigns and better marketing results.

Another exciting news is the announce of Magento Community Edition 1.9.2 that will be available to download in the next few weeks and will include underlying technology updates, along with many product quality enhancements.

Stay tuned for more information once the new version is released.


Another exciting news is the announce of Magento Community Edition 1.9.2 that will be available to download in the next few weeks and will include underlying technology updates, along with many product quality enhancements. 


Stay tuned for more information once the new version is released.