What is drop shipping extension ?

We are glad to anounce a new release for our Drop Shipping extension : this extension allows to easily notify your supplier about the orders to drop ship. Drop shipping an order, will perform the following actions :

  • Create a purchase order with the products
  • Create the sales order shipment to update the status in magento
  • Send an email to your supplier with the purchase order PDF and the customer packing slip


If you are not sure that the products are in stock in the supplier warehouse, you can simply send a drop ship request : once the supplier confirm the stock availability, you can confirm the request to process it

The supplier is able to provide tracking numbers ? Drop Shipping extension allows to quickly fill the tracking number and send the shipment email to the customer.

What is new ?

This new release brings up several new features :

  • Automatic supplier stock & prices import : Drop shipping extension connect to the FTP server, downloads the stock files and update prices, stocks and references. You can configure ftp access and csv file structure for each supplier
  • Automatic drop ship : tired to manually select what orders can be drop ship and process them ? Simply enable the option and once an order is paid, it is automatically sent to the supplier
  • Log history


More information ?


Drop shipping extension requires Embedded ERP to Work.