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How does it work ?

ErpDroid is an android application to control Embedded ERP for Magento, it requires Embedded ERP installed on your Magento website to work.

ErpDroid brings on your telephone every Embedded ERP features related to stock management, purchasing and order dispatch : compatible with almost every barcode scanners for Android, you ca, scan barcode on your android device to create purchase order deliveries, inventory updates and order dispatch.

Using a wifi (or 3G / 4G connection), it communicates instantly with your Magento server to read and update datas.


Main features


Inventory Purchasing Order dispatch Settings
  • Scan barcode to get product information
  • Stock information per warehouse
  • Manage quantity, warning / prefered stock levels
  • Manage shelf location
  • List stock movements
  • Associated sales orders
  • List purchase orders per suppliers
  • Create purchase order deliveries
  • Supports partial deliveries
  • Fill shelf location
  • Supports multiple operators
  • Pack orders using barcode scanner
  • Follow packing progress
  • Supports direct print with Magento Client Computer
  • Magento configuration
  • Warehouse / operator setting
  • Advanced logs



Designed for phones AND tablets

ERP Droid is compatible with ANY Android phone or tablet, the only requirement is to use an Android OS version greater or equal to Froyo (v2.2)

ERP Droid will automatically fit to your screen size : however, for your comfort, we do recommend to use a device with a 4.3"+ screen size


Scanner compatibility

ERPDroid supports any usb or bluetooth scanners, here are a few models recommended :

KDC 200

KDC 450

Motorola TC55


New Release 1.3.0

It is possible now to do a stock take directly on the android app

New tool to simply carry out stock movements.

Compatibility with the Honeywell Dolphin 70e

Application has been made compatible with Honeywell's device: the 70th Dolphin

This device is a professional smartphone on Android 4.4 with an integrated scanner and is shock resistant. The interest is to abstain from a scanner directment with Smartphone


A must have


by JrBicycle

Our pick/pack teams uses ErpDroid every days to do the order picking, packing and shipping confirmation : we have a big warehouse and using our android phones is very handy !

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