A huge timesaver!

by edbrandt

Quick and easy install. Easy setup. Easy to use. All in all, a great timesaver. The only thing I can´t understand is why I didn´t purchase this extension years ago... A must-have! Btw: I´m using Honeywell Orbit 7120 scanner which worked out-of-the-box with this extension.

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Barcode inventory

idéal pour les magasins qui gèrent un seul stock

by gilles dobos

La problématique du client : Je vends un article en boutique, je veux qu'il soit décrémenté du site internet. Réponse, scanner Code barre. On trouve ça où? Sur Boost My Shop bien évidement. installé en 5 mn. Je renseigne quel attribut correspond à mon code barre. Je clique sur une étiquette, hop, stock -1. Interface super simplifiée, écrit en gros pour les vendeuses qui ont un mini pc 11 pouces. Répond au besoin exactement. Que dire d'autre, Magasins physiques qui avez un magento en plus, c'est le module qu'il vous faut. Merci BMS

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Barcode inventory

Easy Product to Use

by James McGoldrick

Installation nice and simple for Magento (Enterprise Customer) and the code was open so were able to make a small adjustment so that we could have a increment qty which we could set instead of it always being 1. Price is reasonable for the software compared to other systems, but it is a simplistic program but still has a nice feature about llinking to either the sku or a attribute.

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Barcode inventory


by Pierangelo Sattin

The product is very good, the user guide gave me clear explanations to how to use this plugin. I didn't have problems.

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Barcode inventory


by Keith Gurev

Barcode Inventory easily allows us to scan in our incoming shipments and scan out when selling from other platforms. The UI is perfect for managing inventory.

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Barcode inventory

very nice product!

by Alexander Matthes

very nice product!

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Barcode inventory

Simple, Effective

by Andrew Mowery

Works great. Simple functions, easy set up.

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Barcode inventory

Works like a charm!

by Janne Björninen

This works also as promised and really makes inventory control faster. Biggest and most time consuming job was turn stocks into barcodes. But now it's done and we're happy with this.

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Barcode inventory

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